10 Things To do If you Are A Diabetic Patients

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If you are diagnosed with type II diabetes don’t worry, it is a condition though cannot be treated byt can be regulated. You are supposed to make a couple of lifestyle changes and then go ahead in life to secure yourself to play safe and long for being a diabetic patient. Let’s check the top 10 things one can do if you are diabetic patients as under: 

1). Know your blood sugar

First things first, you need to know the Haemoglobin A1c that will help in knowing the blood sugar levels. This should include checking the previous three months. Your fasting sugar should be below 130 while it should be below 180 after having the food to start things right. 

2). Monitor your cholesterol

With diabetes come different health risks including strokes and heart attacks. This is the reason why you need to treat the cholesterol levels very much aggressively when you have this condition. For playing safe, it is always recommended to maintain your lDL level not less than 100. For people having diabetes at the age of 40 and above is supposed to consume cholesterol lowering medication or avoid having the cholesterol in a higher level. These medications can be a life savoir one hence you need to try for the same.  

3). Keep a check over your blood pressure

As diabetics are known to have higher rates of heart strokes and failures, the doctors often recommend them to treat the high BP as well. The BP should be around 10/90 unlike any other non-diabetic person. Again this exercise is simply to save lives with maintaining pressures on the body. 

4). Watch out for carbohydrates         
It is recommended for a diabetic to keep to keep his or her meal below 45 grams of carbohydrates. You need to check for your routine meal schedule proper without actually skipping the meals and also have the carbohydrates with a protein. Hence next time you eat better check with your nutritionists to get things right as per the diabetes.

5). Consume baby aspirin

A majority of patients of Diabetes above the age of 40 should consume 81 mg baby aspirin on a daily basis for cardio protective effects. Better consult your doctor if a baby aspirin is seen going for a day in a right way.

6). Secure your kidneys

The diabetics are also known to have the risk of having kidney diseases. The medication falling under the category of Ace Inhibitors like the pill known as lisinopril can be a life saving option for people of above 40 years of age. This can help in preventing the progressive kidney decline. 

7). Get Your Vaccines

The diabetics are also seen having higher risk of infection, which is likely due to the fact the bacteria love to remain in the environment of sugar. This is the key reason why doctors are seen recommending the diabetic to have an annual flu shot apart from the pneumonia shot. 

8). Get Eye checks

Every person who is suffering from diabetes should be able to go for a eye check up, which include the special retinal photo machines and the ones that are carried by the eye specialist that take loads of time to check the retina.

9). Exercise 

Setting up a proper exercise regime is really important for diabetics since it will help in improving upon the resistance. It helps in reducing the blood sugars. Considering a half hour walk or doing some good exercises can really help you a lot.

10). Get your feet checked up 

Unlike any annual eye check, a yearly feet check should be carried out by your doctor. He or she is seen using the special flimsy plastic like device known as the monofilament, which tests all the nerves and sensation over the bottom of your feet.

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