What we know about Sleeve Gastrectomy Single Incision Cost in India?

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Sleeve gastrectomy single incision cost in India is only a fraction of the cost for the surgery in the developed nations. Commonly referred as a gastric sleeve procedure in which the surgeon will reshape the stomach into a think and slender tube while 90% of the outer portion of the stomach is removed. This will limit the amount of food it can hold in one sitting while increasing the feeling of fullness even after small meals.

Compared to the highly developed nations such as the USA, UK, the sleeve gastrectomy single incision cost is India is within budget. India has some of the most skilled personnel in the medical domain with a track record that is a precise indicator.

A sleeve gastrectomy single incision is an invasive weight loss procedure in which the surgical techniques are used to make the small incisions in the abdomen. They do so with the help of a thin, flexible tube, a light and a camera. The surgeon will remove the outer curvature of the stomach and only a slender portion of the stomach in the shape of a tube will be left behind.

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This procedure will significantly reduce the amount of food that can be eaten at a single time and this will reduce the production of the hunger hormones. The affordable sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India will make it easier for the patients to practice the portion control as well as avoid overeating. The surgery is usually restrictive in nature which means it will make you feel fuller very soon than before the surgery. The time for this surgery is normally about one to two hours and the hospital stay will be roughly around two to three days. Patients will not be allowed to lift any heavy weights for about six weeks after the surgery. You are expected to lose about 60% of your body weight during the first two years post surgery.

The surgeon will ask for a number of checkups before discharging you from the hospital. They will ensure that he wounds are healed properly and then put you on a transitional diet. For a few days post surgery, the new stomach will be on a liquid diet and gradually this will move to more solid foods.
Cost Effective Sleeve Gastrectomy

Choosing Indian hospital to get your sleeve gastrectomy single incision cost in India is done by highly skilled and qualified obesity surgeons. Indian has an ancient history of surgery and medicine. The European form of medicine was adopted from the Indian way of medicine. Most of the surgeons in India have studied and trained as well as have vast experience in performing the weight loss surgery from the prestigious medical institutions in India.

Surgical domain in India ensures to provide sleeve gastrectomy single incision cost in India at 1/10th the cost in developed countries. The available talent pool of surgeons, doctors, support staff and nurses in India are renowned for their compassion and care. The hospitals in India have a world class infrastructure, latest technology and medical equipments required for offering highest quality medical services and care that meets the international standards. The cost variation for sleeve gastrectomy single incision in India is about 50-60% less than other countries of the globe. It will cost you about $5000-$8000 in India while it will cost you $15000-$25,000 in the USA and the UK, etc. Send us your inquiry at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to book your appointment for sleeve gastrectomy single incision in India from the best surgeons at the top Indian Hospitals.

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