Types of Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures and Cost in India

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Laparoscopic Surgery Overview

The laparoscopic surgery is a modern surgical technique in which the operations in the abdomen which are performed through the small incisions as compared to the larger incisions needed in laparotomy. This is a direct visualization of the peritoneal cavity, ovaries, outside the tubes and uterus using a laparoscopy which is an instrument like a miniature telescope with a fiber optic system that brings light into the abdomen.

How it’s Works?

During laparoscopy, a small ½ inch cut will be made in the skin at the belly button through which a thin tube will be introduced in between the muscle fiber without cutting any muscles. The laparoscope is inserted through the cannula into the patient’s body. It is equipped with a tiny camera and a light source allowing it to send images through a fiber optic cord to the monitor which shows a high resolution magnified image. The surgeon will perform the procedure by watching the monitor. While looking inside the patient, ½” or ¼” diameter cannulas are put depending on the type of procedure being performed. The instruments will be inserted and the operation will be performed exactly as one would have done the same procedure at an open operation. All the fundamentals of the surgery are strictly followed during laparoscopic surgery.

1)    Diagnostic laparoscopy

Diagnostic laparoscopy procedure allows a doctor to look directly at the contents of a patient’s pelvis or abdomen.

Cost in India

The diagnostic laparoscopy cost in India is $250.

2)    Laparoscopic removal of endometriosis

Laparoscopy is the most common procedure used for diagnosing and removing the mild to moderate endometriosis. The surgeon will insert a lighted viewing instrument called as a laparoscope through the small incision. He/she can make one or two small incisions to insert other surgical instruments for better access. This is done to view the internal organs for looking the signs of endometriosis and other possible problems or to remove any visible endometriosis implants and scar tissues causing pain or infertility.

Cost in India

The laparoscopic removal of endometriosis cost in India is $700.

3)    Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts

When an ovarian cyst or growth needs to be looked upon closely, the surgeon will do so through small incisions using a laparoscopy.

Cost in India

The laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts cost in India is $400.

4)    Laparoscopic removal of a tube and ovary

During a laparoscopic removal of a tube and ovary, the surgeon inserts a small camera called a laparoscope through small incision on the belly button. He/she will monitor the pelvic and abdominal areas including the ovaries and tube. Then insert the surgical instruments through two or three additional incisions and the ovaries are removed through one of these incisions.

Cost in India

The laparoscopic removal of a tube and ovary cost in India is $1000.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery with Forerunners Healthcare

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery in India with Forerunners Healthcare are:

  • Smaller incisions leads to less pain and less pain medications
  • Shorter recovery time with less post-operative scarring
  • Reduces hemorrhage reducing the risk of blood transfusion
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Reduced exposure of internal organs thereby reducing risk of acquired infections
  • Early return to work
  • No residual weakness
  • Excellent medical panel due to our association with the best surgeons, doctors in India
  • We offer our patients with the arrangement of medical visa, meals, accommodation for the patient and family, appointment with the surgeon
  • Cost effective laparoscopic surgery procedure in India that won’t burden your pockets
  • Excellent medical services and care from our medical professionals at the top hospitals across the country
  • We provide assistance to the international patients with quick visa letter, to and fro airport travel, health diet as advised by the surgeon, vacation tour, etc.

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a pioneer medical value provide in India having association with the world class hospitals and the best surgeons and doctors providing excellent laparoscopic surgery procedures in India. Contact us by sending your inquiry on our website and we will get back to you with required details about the laparoscopic surgery procedures and cost in India.

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